Followup on Christian Teaching English as a Second Language Course

If you read my last post, you know I have mixed feelings about an online course I am taking because the vendor seems to deliberately mask its religious affiliation and content. You judge. Is the following multiple choice question appropriate in a course on how to teach English as a second language in a foreign country? The question is from a lesson called “Words that Express Feelings” in the second section (The English Language) of the course

Select five answers that indicate how you can get rid of the guilt and feelings of shame when you have done wrong:  

    • admit that I did wrong
    • ask for forgiveness
    • try your best not to make the same mistake again
    • decide to do better next time
    • do something fun to distract myself
    • do something nice to make up for the bad thing
    • express my remorse to a close friend
    • Go to the person(s) that you’ve wrong in repentance 

Or the following text on the definition of romance from the same lesson:

When the couple get to know each other well, the mystery is solved; the excitement is over; and they wonder where the love went. Mistaking romance for love has resulted in many broken relationships among family members. . . . The Most High’s love for us is the best kind of love. It is the most unselfish love.

I am at a loss. Not only am I bothered by the content, but I fail to understand how any of this relates to a The English Language or teaching.  If the authors assume the users are going to try to convert the natives while teaching English overseas, they should include that in the advertising and the course description. In addition, much of the text is written for a teen or tween audience, not for an adult student. Who knows, maybe it is used in some of the home schooling products the parent company sells. Yesterday I said I planned to complete the course. Now I’m not so sure.

(Course offered by ( a slick store front. The link to the actual course goes to the Global Leadership College, which is owned by Ignitia, a Christian learning company from Alpha Omega Publications.)



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