Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved By Music – Lessons for Life

Ah, music. Something essential in my life, although I prefer my music with lyrics. In fact, I have a list of some of my favorite songs I want played at my funeral one day. Nothing religious for me, though Mighty Clouds of Joy by B.J. Thomas probably falls in that genre. But I associate that song with the drive home from a basketball tournament my high school won.

Is it strange to think about music I would like others to hear when I’m gone? It may be, but so be it. When a friend was dying of cancer a couple years ago, I sent her links to songs I thought would soothe her. Music has that power. So here is a short playlist of the tunes that I would like others to hear when I am gone.

(I didn’t realize readers would have to join Spotify to listen to embedded music links. YouTube links are provided when available.)

One for me. Bette Midler is one of my idols.

Bette Midler:  The Rose

One for my family and friends.

Jewel:  Hands

One for my sisters.

Sisters from White Christmas

One for my nieces and nephews.

Darius Rucker:  Learn to Live

One to bring back memories of home.

Michael Buble:  Home

One to make people say “They played that at a funeral?!” Because even at the end there will be people I still want to stick it to.

Toby Keith:  How Do You Like Me Now

One to make them sway and sing along—and play over and over like I do sometimes.

Bebe and CeCe Winans:  Give Me a Star

One to make people look at each other because Christmas songs shouldn’t be played in the middle of the summer. But most of them would know Christmas was my favorite holiday.


Mariah Carey:  All I Want for Christmas

One to lift them up.


Glee Cast:  Like a Prayer

And one to walk them out.


Uncle Kracker:  Drift Away




Family, Inspire, Roots

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