Peter Seeger, on his Freedom Highway

This Land Was His Land

In the mid 1970s, I saw Pete Seeger in concert with Arlo Guthrie. I count it as one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. After more than 30 years I can still see him standing on stage, no props, no backup singers, no band. Just Pete Seeger. Even though it wasn’t a particularly intimate venue, you felt like he was singing for you, not at you. He drew the audience into the performance. I would guess he and Woody are singing it out loud.

Pete Seeger - Concert on the Mall

I was in DC the day of the Concert on the Mall for President Obama’s first inauguration. I watched this performance on the big screen monitors. It stirred me even then. Peter Seeger was 89 and still urging everyone to sing along.

Pete Seeger sang what he believed: justice, harmony, peace, freedom for all.

For my sister Cecilia


Extraordinary songs. We sing them around the campfire still when we camp with the Woodcraft Folk here in England and the songs are still as fresh as the day they were written.


Me too, Kerynne. When I was in high school and college his music was a great influence. In 1963 he gave a televised performance in Australia. He was banned from TV in the US because he had been blacklisted after being called before the government committee investigating unamerican activities.


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