Blog Spam – School Girl Costumes Special

No Escape From Spam

When I started to blog, I thought I had escaped the world of spam. I was wrong. Luckily, the spam filter used by WordPress (Akismet) does a good job identifying and removing spam. But an amusing message slipped by the filter this week, and it left me shaking my head. It was an offer to sell me a school girl costume. I hate to encourage spam but I laughed. What would an almost 60-year-old woman do with a school girl costume? I supposed I could look for an old duffer who wanted to dress up like a headmaster, and we could play school.

Fancy dress costumes are certainly more interesting than SEO sales pitches but just as intrusive. I don’t understand how blog spam works. With millions of blogs in the blogosphere, how does the spammer find and identify posts to spam? It isn’t a simple matter of amassing a list of email addresses. Each spam comment I receive is associated with one of my posts.

Does the spammer think that starting out his message with “We are a registered business focus on E-commerce”  with a high quality control system and good feedback will make me more prone to buy his products? And if I was in the market for fancy dress paraphernalia, would I buy it from a company that spammed my blog? I think I would want a bit more privacy.

Maybe it’s time for me to plan another trip to Carnival in Venice. 🙂

Posting Update: Since I posted this, my blog spam has increased. 🙂



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