Travel Theme: Fruit

The Deadly Durian: An Offense to the Senses

Durian: possibly the worst smell on earth.

Durian: possibly the worst smell on earth. A market in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I can only think that durian was first passed off as edible as a joke. Now huge forests of durian trees grow in South East Asia, and durian is regarded by many as the king of fruits. I say it is the fruit of the emperor with no clothes. It seems people sense a variety of scents, varying from sweet to revolting. I am in the latter group. When I lived in Singapore, I couldn’t go into a grocery store if a sliced durian was for sale. The odor set off my gag reflex at the first whiff. I offer no apologies to the lovers of this odiferous fruit.

Travel Theme: Fruit


I am totally with you on this – the smell is just unbelievable. We’ve lived in Asia for nearly 5 years now and I’m still not able to stomach the stench, never mind consider eating it. It is not something I’ll miss when we move on!

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