Saturday Statues: Cambodia

Khmer Mythological Demons


Demon statues, Angkor Thom, Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia


A row of 54 demons flank the right side of the causeway leading to the south gate at Angkor Thom, the last capital of the Khmer empire. The grimacing demons wear military headdresses. The left side of the causeway has a similar line of serene gods (devas).  Angkor Thom, part of the Angkor Archaeological Park near Siem Reap, Cambodia, was established in the late twelfth century by King Jayavarman VII and was abandoned prior to 1609. It is believed to have sustained a population of 80,000–150,000 people. Angkor Thom is located near Angkor Wat.

The two rows of statues each hold a naga (serpent) in the attitude of a tug-of-war, a reference to the myth of the Churning of the Sea of Milk.


Asuras  demons  churning of the sea

Saturday Statues


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