Internal Support

Internal structure, I.M. Pei's Pyramid, Louvre, Paris, France

Internal structure, I.M. Pei’s Pyramid, Louvre, Paris, France

It is hard to tell if the internal wires and connectors in I. M. Pei’s glass Pyramid entrance to the Louvre are structural, decorative or a combination.

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I think the wires are for support but also add to the art of the structure. Glass can weigh a lot. Pyramid type structured to depend on the weight of the objects pushing against each other to support the entire structure. However, glass is too fragile to support that weight. Hence the need for the wires etc.

NOTE: Glad I can still use that Physics degree.

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Thanks for the info, Khurt (sorry I couldn’t figure out how to get the umlaut over the u). I avoided taking Physics :). The supports fit as part of the overall Pyramid as a work of art.


I’ve never been to the Louvre (yet) and I believe you if you say the pyramid works but looking at your photo I get an almost claustrophobic feeling – something similar to what a fly might experience when she comes close to a spider’s web. Great shot!

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I can see what you mean, but it is a just a bit of the structural supports. You really don’t notice them in normal viewing. Luckily, there was no giant spider. Hate those things. 🙂

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I am not a fan of Modernist style of architecture but I quite love the look of it. Maybe they are structural features that have over time become a part of people’s psyche as an attractive part of it? I mean over time you do get used to something and even start liking it, don’t you think? Especially given the fact that people did not quite take to it when it came up.

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I am not much of a modernist either, and I thought I would hate the Pyramid entrance to the Louvre. But somehow, it really works. I’m not sure if it the reference to ancient Egypt, Napoleon’s “theft” of so much Egyptian art, or the transparency that allows the viewer to see through it, but I do think it works. And the lower level lobby is perfect for moving people to different galleries I love the Louvre; so much to still see there. 🙂

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You said it. I returned twice and yet I have to make a trip back to see the rest of it. I think you can spend a lifetime enjoying these vast repositories of art, just as I feel about the V&A and British Museum in London.

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