Abu Simbel 

Built by Ramses the Great, Abu Simbel was disassembeled and raised above the water levels when the Aswan High Dam was built inthe 1960s. There are two temples, one for Ramses, the other for his wife Nefertari. Nefertari pictures first. I can’t figure out how to change order on my phone.


Hi. We felt safe the entire trip. The Egyptian people are friendly and welcoming. That said, security is always visible. We did have an armed, plain clothed police officer with us, provided by the Egyptian government, on each leg of the trip. In Cairo, our bus got a police escort through the traffic. The Egyptian government wants visitors to feel safe. Tourism is increasing again but still way down. Many boats on Lake Nasser and the Nile are sitting idle. This was good for our tour, in terms of crowding, but bad for business. Some of the sites in Luxor were busy but I can’t say the crowds were an issue. I highly recommend a visit to Egypt. I would go back.


Hi, Marie. Thank you for the information which clarifies the current situation.
It’s sad to hear that tourism is down as it means unemployment.
It’s not a stable situation and apparently not improving, if we think of the last attack that killed over 400 people.
Although the government provides security forces, it has not so far secured safety, at least for the locals.
Egypt will continue in my bucket list though, and you made me reconsider. Thanks.


What a lovely place. It was such a wonder. I learnt earlier this year that Spain was part of the effort, and the Egyptian government gave them a temple of Isis to take to Madrid.


Yes. Over 50 countries help to recover or move monuments along what was to become Lake Nasser. Several countries were presented with small temples as thanks. There is another in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

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Egypt is a wonder of treasures, and Abu Simbel is a miracle in itself. Enjoyed your pictures – I ws there a very long time ago, 1981, but I remember it so well. Astonishing. and I know it was a Swedish company that dismantled it and put it together again.


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