Goodbye WPC: You’ll Miss Us When You’re Gone

All-Time Favorites


It’s sad to see the end of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. It was a great community, and I found some great blogs to follow every week.

WPC: All-Time Favorites


I will miss it, too, Marie! Now I’m trying to find other challenges to join in order to connect with other new bloggers. I wish I could have contributed my “All Time Favorites” but we were traveling and I find it very hard to post on WP using my cellphone. It doesn’t work quite right.

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I can only add my admiration to the other responders to this email at these marvellous photos. Hard to believe they were taken on a mobile phone. I’m one of the dinosaurs who has never learned to use hers properly – I insist on it being only for emergency use. Mind you, I do love my camera and would be lost without it. As someone above said, forget about WPC and just keep on publishing your brilliant pix.

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Thanks. Sorry for misunderstanding. These are camera shots and processed in Lightroom. When I am actually traveling and do a post, the slots are from my phone. 😀


I do it on my phone, since all the pictures I post when I travel are ones on my phone. I don’t take a computer with me. The app works pretty well once you figure out how it is different from WP on the computer. There is a mobile app for both iphones and android.

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Thanks so much, Heide. I did pick the ones I really like. 🙂 I will be in Mpls for a few days in late July, early August for a family wedding and camping. Perhaps we could arrange to meet for coffee if you will be around. Always nice to connect with a fellow blogger.

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I would LOVE to meet up if I’m in town, Marie! Please drop me a note at hmunro (dot) wordpress [at] gmail com and we can see if our availabilities coincide.

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Sad to see the challenge go. It certainly was amazing at creating a community, one where we could come to each week, come and go as we please, but every time we participate everyone is so welcoming. Really like the Greetings Egypt photo. Wonderful timing, wonderful capture. The man looked so happy to see you 🙂

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Hi. Thanks so much. It is possibly my favorite. Actually, he was hoping for a tip since he let me take his picture but I try to put that out of my mind. 🙂

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