On the Road Again, Literally

Today I headed out on a road trip from Alexandria, Virginia to Minnesota. I will put about 3000 miles on the car in the next three week. I’ve done the drive before on interstate freeways. This time I am following the Lincoln Highway, a coast-to-coast road from New York City to San Francisco first planned in 1913.

The Lincoln Highway, never an official US road, was the brainchild of three men involved in the automotive industry as a marketing ploy. It made sense that people needed somewhere to drive their new cars. Today, the Lincoln Highway generally follows US Route 30.

I am currently in central Pennsylvania where you can find some quintessential roadside Americana, such as the giant coffee pot in Bedford. It is part of the Lincoln Highway 200-Mile Roadside Museum.

Or the 1930s Dunkle’s Gulf gas station, also in Bedford, which is still in business.

Painted gas pumps are found along the way. I zipped by most of them because there was no signage, the road is narrow, and there are no shoulders to pull off onto.

And murals on barns. This one is the Bison Corral Barn, across from the gas pump above.

And other oddities. This figure was part of a storyland at Schellsburg that closed years ago.

Constant rain did not make for a good picture taking day. The Flight 93 National Monument is off US 30. I will do a separate post. I did stop briefly.


Route 66 looks fascinating. The Lincoln Highway is a bit different because it isn’t an actual road. It is a route that generally follows US 30 but not always. I should have budgetted more time because long stretches are two-lanes through small towns.


Great post, Marie. Guess what? We are driving from Minnesota to Virginia for a family gathering tomorrow! I can’t believe it! When I read that you are coming to MN, I was excited… How long are you going to stay?
We drove on Lincoln Highway one time (from MN to DC), but we probably get off a little too early (I was anxious to see my family) because I didn’t see any of these! ;-( Now I feel like to do it again.
Drive safely. We will, too.
Have a great day.

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Incredible. Ships passing in the night. I will be in MN until August 6. After my niece’s wedding I am going g camping with some family. Where are you headed in VA and for how long?


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