Floral Ambiance

High Altar Ambiance

High Altar, Trinidad Church (Iglesia de la Trinidad), Porto, Portugal

The high altar in Trinidad Church, Porto, Portugal, was decorated with vibrant flowers. Flowers were placed throughout the church on all the side altars and other spaces with surface areas. I don’t know it was a special occasion or religious holiday. It was at the end of May. If anyone knows the background on this use of flowers, please let me know. I was fascinated by the stepped structure behind the altar itself. I saw several altars with this type of stepped backdrop in Portugal but don’t know the symbolism.

Side altar, Trinidad Church, Porto, Portugal


Join the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Ambiance, which is looking for an outdoor or indoor floral display.


flowers, Portugal, religion


In Italy we have the Infiorata holiday at about the same time. They place flowers on the floor, outside on the pavement not just in churches, in various patterns and styles. It’s pretty but I still have to visit any official event.

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Hey, Manja. Thanks. I looked it up and it looks fabulos. I am thinking of doing an Italian course in Firenze next spring and will have to try to pick the time th
e festivals are happening. Thanks for the heads up.

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Thanks. I agree about the stepped background. Maybe it is to lead the eye up? I tried to ask a staff person in one of the churches but he din’t speak English.

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It could be Corpus Christi which is mainly celebrated by the Catholic Church. The church would be highly decorated with flowers. Corpus Christie falls a number of weeks after Easter, but not being Catholic I’m unsure how many. Lovely picture and a great choice for the photo challenge. Thank you.

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Thank, Sue.That makes so much sense. I checked and the Feast of Corpus Christi was May 31, 2018. I visited the church on May 28th. Turns out it is a national public holiday in Portugal.

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I wanted to go to Porto while we were in Portugal, but we never got there. We stayed in Quateria for 4 weeks and Portimao for two uncomfortably cold and rainy weeks. I am thinking of going to the Azores in November or next year. I would love to see the northern part of Portugal, as both Of the years we went, we stayed in the Algarve only.

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Porto is lovely. As is Lisbon. I want to see more of Portugal. I’m not much of a beach or coastal town person so I haven’t been to the Algarve. I need buildings, monuments, museums and shops. 🙂

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