Jack Frost is Jack Frost in France

Winter Wonderland in France

Château de La Rochepot, Commune of La Rochepot, Burgundy,France

Château de La Rochepot has gone through many changes over the centuries. Originally a 12th-century feudal castle of neo-Gothic-Burgundian style, it was rebuilt in the 15th century. During the French Revolution, it was seized and declared a national asset, and partially destroyed by vandals. Beginning in 1893 and for the next 26 years, it was meticulously restored to its 15th century roots; many of the roofs were covered with glazed burgundy tiles. The castle is located in the commune of La Rochepot, in the Burgundy region of France.

In 2013 and 2014, parts of the castle, annex buildings, vineyards and the park were given the status of a national monument.

Just as a side note:  We visited the chateau in February 2018.  I just found this information on Wikipedia on a recent happening involving the chateau.  In October 2018, the castle was seized by the French government after investigation into an alleged money laundering scheme by Dmytro Malynovskyi, a Ukrainian. Malynovski was arrested after an investigation into a corruption and money laundering scheme in which he purchased and lived in the castle after faking his own death.    And an interesting article from Bloomberg: Dead Ukrainian Found Living in Castle.

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Thanks so much, The chateau was closed for the season but we were allowed to come by and do a tour. I am amazed that someone would hide out in a place that is open to the public about 2/3 or the year. 🙂 But hiding in plain sight might be easy.


At least the “King of the Castle” had excellent taste in eccentric art! 🙂 How fun that you were able to visit and become a small part of this castle’s centuries-long intrigue, Marie.


It’s funny. The castle didn’t open for the season for another tow or three weeks but my niece, who was living in Paris and speaks excellent French, called them up and were offered the opportunity to visit. I wonder if the 4 people who were also arrested (in the article) were the caretaker and the women who were there letting us in. I asked to use a restroom and was told the water was turned off for the winter. Obviously, not everywhere!

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Wow … your story is even better than I’d imagined, Marie! Perhaps they’ll publish photos at some point of the suspects and you’ll be able to determine whether the caretaker and staff were in on the scam. Fascinating!

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