Magical Season

Lights, Music, Decorations

Christmas Has Always Been My Favorite Holiday. It’s Magic to Me

Tree Decorations, Hillwood Museum, Washington, DC

Christmas Wreath, Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg, France

Hanukkah Dreidel, Union Station, Chicago, Illinois

Santa Claus Ice Carving, Ice Park, North Pole, Alaska

Orchard Road, Singapore

The Best Song to Play Over and Over

Join Lens-Artist Photo Challenge 63: Magical


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such a fun post – to have Christmas theme right now was nice…
and Marie, CeCe’s music reminds me of Christmas 1992 – so this post was special on a personal level – even tho that Give Me a Star song was new to me – I can see why you would play it over –
good son and the best gift ever – xoxo



I did not see any ice carvings in North Pole in your post. I interested to find where North Pole is and I did find that it is in the south, compared with Oulu, which is in the middle of Finland. In my country we have every now and then ice carvings. This post is from this year´s summer:

Moomin ice sculptures

Ice in Mikkeli:

Ice sculptures

Inside of the world’s biggest snow castle in Kemi there are both carvings, snow and ice.

Thank you for your interesting post. Have a wonderful day!

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Hi. The Santa face on the post is a detail from an ice sculpture. This is a link to a post I did a few years ago that shows the whole thing:
North Pole, Alaska, is in the interior of Alaska, about 15 miles from Fairbanks. For several years there has been an ice sculpture park during the Christmas season. The pieces aren’t large, on the scale of the moomin ones in your post. For many uears the City of Fairbanks had an international ice carving competition in February with very large carvings but they haven’t held it the last year or two.
Thanks for visiting and your links.

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