On The Road Again: Vado in Italia

Ponte Vecchio, 1990, Florence, Italy

On Tuesday, I am off to Italy for five weeks. After a few days in Rome, I will be spending four weeks in Florence studying Italian language and culture. The picture above was taken in 1990, the first time I visited Florence—actually the first time I visited Italy. I was traveling with a friend on a Eurail Pass. We did six cities in six countries in two weeks. This was long before the internet—when you could travel without reservations and let the tourist offices in the train stations find you a hotel. Florence was my favorite place. I loved the architecture, the art, the smell of antiquity, the age of the city. I returned several times, but I haven’t visited Florence for about 18 years. I am excited to be spending time living in this fabulous place for a month. The course, for Seniors 50+, is offered through the Istituto Michelangelo, an Italian language school in Florence. If any fellow bloggers happen to be traveling through Florence in October, let me know. We could meet for coffee or gelato.




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Ahh, I see this plan of yours only now. Are you still in Italy? I’m in the south of Tuscany, half way between Siena and Rome. Tell me if you come to Siena or to the south of it. I’m sure you’re having a grand time!

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Ciao. I am in Italy until 4 Nov. Unfortunately. I won’t get south of Firenze until I go to Roma to catch my flight home. They keep us very busy at the language school. I would love to meet you some day, perhaps when I return in the spring for a tour of southern Italy. 🤩🤩🤩

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Marie, I am so so so admire you! This is amazing! You are courageous, and full of fun. Will you continue blogging while you are there?
Thank you for leaving me a wonderful message. I really appreciate it. I will start blogging again, hopefully soon 😉
Have a wonderful time there. And take care.

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Thanks, Helen. I will be blogging. I am actually taking a new small laptop with me so I can blog shots from my camera as well as my phone. Usually I am limited to my phone while I am traveling. Will look forward to your return to blogging. Take good care!

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Wow-what a wonderful thing to do. The best way to learn a language is to submerge yourself in it and get as much practice with locals as possible. Hope you have a wonderful time and I wish I could join you!

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