Passing the Time

I’ve been away from home for five months now so I have been passing the time with mobile pastimes, such as genealogy and photography. Going through the coronavirus pandemic with my sister while she recovers from unrelated medical issues has been great for both of use. Staying at home gets old, but doing it with someone else helps save one’s sanity.

The Tortoise and the Cat

I don’t have pets at home but for the last few months I have been bonding with Cleo the cat and Tortuga the desert tortoise. Cleo has made the grass catcher on the lawnmower her favorite sitting place. We don’t know why she loves it so much. Tortuga loves eating rose petals after his daily lettuce and fruit.

Family History and Genealogy

Working on the family tree has been possible through Ancestry. I love discovering new facts or documents related to my ancestors.

Trees, Fences, and Flowers

Being confined to a small area, I have taken to photographing tree bark and fence patterns. Funny the things you can see when you really look. Flowers are also favorites subjects. Something is always blooming in California. I’ve been using my smart phone. I haven’t picked up my DSLR in 5 months.

Join Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #97: Pastimes


nope. Just curious. Though Lisa has decided she should be just an inside cat so she won’t have much more contact with him.


Funny the things you see when you look for sure Marie! How nice that you happen to be with your sister during the lockdown – good for both of you I’m sure. One of these days I’ll try the genealogy thing too – I have a friend who is enthralled with it !

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Excellent pictures for the challenge! I see we share a passion for genealogy. I am a great fan of the Ancestry website and have discovered so many interesting facts about our family over the years. I love the picture of the cat sitting on the lawn mower. Those eyes! And the yellow rose is gorgeous! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge and for sharing your pastimes with us.

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Thanks. Sue. My biggest frustration with Ancesrty ig’s that to many people just find a name in someone else’s tree and stick it in their tree without doing a quality check on the source. Someone merged my grandmother and step- grandmother into one person. It is now in a number of trees. When I pointed it out, the person asked me if I was sure.. Duh. They were my grandmother’s. 🙃🙃🙃

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