Memories, Tucked Between the Pages of my Mind . . .

Not too bad for a 60 year old slide. I’m the tall blonde. c. 1957/8

After a lengthy wait, today I received a link to the scans of 850 of my dad’s slide, which I had sent off for processing in late September. To say I am happy with the results would be a lie. Part of it is my fault. I didn’t adequately clean some of them. Who knew 60 year old lint could stick so well to the surface of a slide. And I did send some knowing that they were not great shots, but I didn’t have the desire to scan them myself and it is so hard to tell looking through a slide viewer.

Tall Blonde Again, c. 1958

But the overall result of many of the scams is not great. The focus is soft too on many of the,m the contrast is harsh, the colors shocking. Of particular note are the 50 or so slide scans that have a bright pink/magenta cast. I know they were not pink when I sent them; I looked at each slide twice to eliminate the really bad ones. If the scanning company has turned the originals a bright pink/magenta, I will be very unhappy. I know that some slides were on Ektachrome slide film. I’m wondering if that could have made the difference, depending on the color balance settings of the scanners the company used. I will have to wait and see.

But I couldn’t resist posting a few good ones that fit the holiday themes this week.

My mom on the left, my Aunt Lucy on the right. c. 1955
I converted this one to B&W to get rid of the red. . 1961

Join the following two challenges this week:

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #128 And Here Comes the Holiday Season…

A Photo A Week Challenge: Christmas


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Have just picked up my slides to photos conversion and would say I’m disappointed, some are good but several are unclear though I wouldn’t have submitted any I thought might come out blurry. Can only notice dust specks on one but most of the photos are quite “busy” so not large areas of single colour where the dust tends to show up. Don’t think I’ll be putting my boxes of slides in for conversion. 🙂


Hi. I think the problem is that they don’t really scan them, not with a scanner. They take a picture of them with one shot, like many of the new “scanner” things on the market. And because the film on the slide higher than regular film because of the holder, most of them come out with a very soft focus. The company I used is going to redo mine but I don’t anticipate much better results, though maybe they will pay better attention to the scanner settings. I sent them shots of the slides I had taken with my smart phone (with no editing) that were better than their scans.


Wow! No wonder you were disappointed. I’m considering taking photos of the projected slides, not sure if the images are of sufficient interest to others though to make it worth the effort.


It is sad to lose those photo memories. I have 7 siblings and we divided them up. It was 1994, before scanning was common. I wish we had scanned all the photos. It is hard to find them all again. The slide scans were a mixed result. I am sending some of them back to be redone.

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It’s the memories that count Marie, and they are now preserved for you which is what really counts. My sister-in-law took all of our films from the early days and had them converted to a video. Sadly she later lost the video so the films are not completely gone. Sad. Loved your fond memories!


Thanks, Tina. I am going to put the slides on a shared drive so that everyone can look at them. So of the original slides show signs of deterioration after so many years. It is good to have scans that everyone can loo at and download the ones they want. Hope your holidays have been happy and healthy.


These are precious memorites – and they all look good! We have been thinking of converting ours, but were afraid they would not turn out well. It seems quite a lottery – but these ones made me think about trying again! Happy Holidays!

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After my experience, I should have send a group to a couple of different companies to see the results rather than sending them all to one scanner. Happy Holidays.


I have just put about 24 slides in to be converted, I wanted to see how they turned out before I sent in more. I paid $150 for Kaiser Baas slide and negative scanner and the results were rubbish which is why I’m trying a lab. Many of my photos and slides have a red cast. The ones you’ve posted look good.


Let me know how they turn out. That red cast was amped up 100 times by the scanning company. A lot of them look okay but they are very contrastly and most are darker than the originals. I am sending some back to be redone. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


Well, I’m retired so everyday is pretty much the same. Thank goodness for social media. All my siblings and most of their kids held a Zoom family call on Christmas day. It was so nice to see them all., even though the screen was crowded. 🙂


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