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Thursday’s Special: Angular

Angles at Edfu

Inner walls at Edfu Temple, Egypt

The Temple of Edfu, located on the west bank of the Nile, is dedicated to the falcon god Horus. The  sandstone temple complex was built in the Ptolemaic period between 237 and 57 BC. It is the second largest temple after Karnak and is the most completely preserved ancient temple in Egypt. Prior to excavations which began in the 1860s, the temple was buried under almost 40 ft of desert sand and Nile river silt. The chisel marks on the relief figures were  done during the period the temple was used as a christian church.

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WPC and Thursday’s Special: 2017 Photos

2017 Retrospective


I track my year and my travels by the photos I post. Generally, I try to use recent photos for each new post or challenge. These are some of my favorites from 2017, which took me to Cuba, Spain, Alaska, South Dakota, New York, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Egypt, France, and Switzerland. It was a very good year.

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K’lee & Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Textures X 3

A Touch of Egypt

Boy resting on felucca, Lake Nasser, Egypt

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Paddling The Madu Ganga

River travel, near the mouth of the Madu Ganga River, Sri Lanka

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K’lee & Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: A Clockwork’d Orange

A Rising Man

A Rising Man, variations on a art work in Salzburg, Austria. 

K’lee & Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: A Clockwork’d Orange

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