Textures in Metal

Hand Hammered

Roskilde Cathedral, door hardware, Absalon Passage.

Detail from door leading to the Absalon Arch, an arched passage between the Roskilde Cathedral and the Bishop’s House (now the Roskilde Palace).

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Black & White Sunday: After and Before

A Rose Window By Any Other Name

The Church of St. John-de-Malte in Aix-en-Provence was the first Gothic church in Provence, France. Although the church was built in the 13th century, the rose window is from the 19th century (installed in 1896) and the organ is contemporary (installed in 2006).

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On the Road Again – Paris

I arrived in Paris on Monday to spend Christmas with my niece and her fiance. Chilly temps but a festive city.

Yesterday we visited Basilica Saint-Denis. What a wonderful church to visit and it is not on a lot tour list. It is the burial site for many French kings and queens. Don’t miss it the next time you visit Paris.

The Gothic Basilica was constructed in the the mid 1200s

Rose window over north transfer. Original window destroyed during French revolution when lead was used for bullets

Tumble of sarchophagi in the lower part of crypt.

Funerary monument of Louis XII and Anne of Bretagne

Catherine D’Medici and husband in background

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Their remains are in the crypt.

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