End of a Long Day


The view from my room at the Lake Nakuru Lodge, overlooking Lake Nakuru in the distance. We left Masai Mara at 7 am and arrive at the lodge about 6 pm.

Masai Mara

Big Cat Day

We did two game drives today in search of the big cats. What a success. Cheetahs, lions, and even an elusive leopard. A great reward for suffering some of the most bumpy roads ever.

The photos were all taken with my cell phone so most are not close, except the cropped cheetah shot.

Two views from the porch of my tent at Fig Tree Camp on the Talek River, where the hippos make noise all night long.

On the Road Again: East Africa

My Family Tree

I am in Nairobi today. Tomorrow I leave on a safari in Kenya and Tanzania. Then off to 5 days in Zanzibar.

Meet Homo Erectus, this one better known as Turkana Boy, a long lost relative I met today. When I visited the Nairobi National Museum, I didn’t expect to take my family tree back 1.6 million years. We took a family photo.

The museum has a small but excellent collection of hominin bones. Turkana Boy was found at Lake Turkana, which we will be visiting. He is only one of two nearly complete hominin skeletons found to date.

Update: sad to discover Lake Turkana isn’t on the itinerary.

Spiked Spark Plugs

Spiky Reuse

Detail from unlabeled metal sculpture made of recycled materials. Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi, Kenya.

Join Becky’s month of Spiky Squares: Spiky. Two rules. Must be Spiky somehow; there is a wide range of interpretations. The photo must be square. Thanks, Becky for another inventive challenge.

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