Tuesday Photo Challenge: Travel

Alaskan Spring

Ice melting on Chena Lakes, near North Pole, Alaska

I am currently visiting one of my sisters. She lives in North Pole, Alaska. It is a long flight from Washington, DC, to Fairbanks.  With a short layover in Seattle, Washington, the trip is 11 hours, not counting getting to the airport from home. I can fly to Europe in half the time. I usually travel to Alaska for the Christmas holidays, but this year I am visiting for my nephew’s high school graduation. It is mid-May and the weather has been lovely. We even went camping last weekend at the lake in this photograph. The ice was almost gone. I loved the shadows of the trees and clouds on the open water.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Travel


Moose sighting

Female moose munching in the slough in my sister’s backyard. Alaska nature. Not the best photo but she was in the distance.

Near Midnight

11 pm on the 64th Parallel, May 13, 2017

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