Hugh’s 51 Weeks:51 Hits from the Past, Week 20

North to Alaska

Since I am currently in Alaska, I thought this song would be perfect. Originally sung by Johhny Horton for the movie of the same name, this version by Frankie Laine was recorded in 1962. I just love Frankie Laine.

If that link won’t play, try this version by Johnny Horton.

An extra song about Alaska by John Denver. I love visiting my sister and her family. They live near a small town called North Pole, which is about 15 miles from Fairbanks.


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Hugh’s 51Weeks:51 Songs from the Past, Week 18

What Goes Around, We Can Only Hope

When How do you like me now?! was released in 1999, Toby Keith’s label wouldn’t promote it, saying that it might offend women. But, for me, it speaks to both men and women. Many of us have been there. As teenagers, didn’t we all hope that one day we would be able to smile and say to those foes (and friends) who tormented or teased or ignored us: How do you like me now?! Not that we had become country music stars. But that we have lived the life we wanted, moved beyond our comfort zones, and are content with who we are.  The 2008 video Alright by Darius Rucker says it all.

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Hugh’s 51 Weeks:51 Songs from the Past, Week 17



This week my song selection was inspired by Ruth at Image & Word. Her post Harmony features an acappella song. It reminded me how much I love acapella. You know someone can actually sing, not just perform to over-synthesized music, if they can sing acapella. The Nylons harmonies are some of the best. The group started in 1979 in Canada; some of the singers changed over time. I saw them perform in the late 80s when I lived in San Francisco. They put on an incredible, energetic show. Up the Ladder to the Roof is performed by The Nylons I saw the first time—Mark, Paul, Arnold, and Claude—The Nylons of their first four albums. When the group retired in 2016, one of the founding members, Claude Morrison, was still performing. I have also included their song about acapella.

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