Black & White Sunday: After and Before

Holy Light


Architectural detail from Santa María la Blanca in Toledo, Spain. Originally built as early as CE 180 as a synagogue, Saint Mary the White is now a museum owned and preserved by the Catholic Church. The use of Mudéjar (Moorish) architecture for a Jewish place of worship during the reign of King Alfonso VIII of Castile is seen by many as a symbol of the co-existence during the Middle Ages of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in what is now Spain.  In 1405, the Jews were violently expelled from the synagogue, and it was used as a church, a monastery, and later, a sword workshop. The building, the third most visited historic site in Toledo, was declared a national memorial in 1856 and restored.  It is currently not used for religious purposes.

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A Photo A Week: Made By Hand

Hand Maiden

Saint Elizabeth Holding A Book, German, early-16th century, lindenwwood with polychrome and gilt, Morgan Library and Museum, New York, NY

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Tuesday Photo Challenge: Golden

Golden Altar

High Altar, Seville Cathedral, Seville, Spain

Detail, High Altar, Seville Cathedral, Seville, Spain

The scenes in each section of the altar in Seville’s Cathedral tell the story of the life of Jesus.

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