Florentine Street Art, Whatever That Means

When I was in Florence three years ago, I did a post about street art depicting women. Much of that random art has disappeared so I have expanded to street art in general, in all its iterations

Street Heart

Street Art, Florence, Italy, 2019

Join Friendly Friday’s Challenge: Street Art

Growlight Squared


Marijuana Growlight, Florence, Italy

Join Becky’s January Squares: Light. There are only two rules. The photo must be square and the theme must end in the word light: sunlight, penlight, candlelight, searchlight, starlight, headlight, stoplight, taillight, flashlight, moonlight, fanlight, taperlight, floodlight, torchlight, skylight, gaslight, streetlight, and twilight. Or whatever word(s) ending in light.

Wordless Wednesday

The Birdhouse

Lines Squared #17

Bike Lines

Bike on side street, Florence Italy

Join Becky from The Life of B for October Sqares #15. There are only two rules. The image must be square and must relate to the October theme: lines&squares.

Le Donne Della Via Pepi

Join K’Lee & Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Inside Out/Outside In/Upside Down

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