KindaSquare#11: Kind of Like Paisley

Paisley Shawl Coleus, Green Springs Garden, Fairfax, VA

Anyone have any suggestions for formating image captions in image blocks. Another bug in block formatting. I can’t make the caption show as just one line of text on the final post, though that’s how it shows on the draft. On an earlier post, when I inserted a heading block above an image, using H3 or H4 size type, the text was inserted between the image and the caption, instead of above the image. Sigh.

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Help with Error Messages

Hi. For those of you who have successfully transitioned to the new WP format I have a couple of issues you might be able to help with. Do you get error messages in red banners at the top of your posts when you try to save, publish, or update. Generally I get a message that says I don’t have permission to edit a post, even though I am creating it. Sometimes it happens when it automatically saves a draft.

Tonight I got a new error message: Updating failed. Sorry, you are not allowed to assign the provided terms.

I have contacted support about this but haven’t heard back. And a search brings up no results. Any advice would be appreciated. Now to see if this post with actually publish.

Another Test Post

Shall October Be The Month Of Angst?

Angel of Angst
Angel of Angst

Detail from the facade of the Duomo, Florence, Italy

Test of new editor: I am more than kinda frustrated.

This is a test because I can’t make the editor complete posts. It says I don’t have permission when I try to publish.

“Likes” Disabled Temporarily Because of Spam

Recently, I have been bombarded with comment “likes” from sexually related web sites with .ru extensions. Because I can’t find a way to block this type of “like,” I am going to temporarily turn off likes on all my new posts. If any of you have had this problem and found a solution, please let me know. While I probably shouldn’t care where a “like” comes from, these must be automated. Each web address is slightly different. I hesitate to include any in this post. And I have been having such a problem with comment spam for the last couple of years (over 50,000 and still arriving) that I can’t deal with more spam at the moment. So, if you like my posts for the foreseeable future, just send me a mental like. Thanks, Marie


Daily Prompt: Warning

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