I love learning. I always have. Not that I have always retained what I learned but I love the process of learning. At the moment, I am teaching myself WordPress and have created this blog.

Languages are one of my favorite things to study. Over the last 44 years, I taken classes in Spanish, German (so hard), classical Greek, Chinese, French, and Italian. (Oh, I studied Hindi for a couple months before I went to India; a good traveler should always make a basic effort at the local language.) Other than English, I can claim to have a working knowledge only of Italian, and I haven’t kept that up the last few years. But I can ask for the restroom on most continents. For me learning a foreign language is a big puzzle. I have to try to make all the pieces work together.

To move forward on my road to recharging and reconnecting, I am going to take classes to help me develop portable skills: web design, Photoshop and other Adobe products, copy and developmental editing, writing, publishing, and . . . whatever pushes my buttons when I see the course description. Classes can be expensive, even adult education classes at the local community colleges, so I am looking for ways to economize. I belong to Groupon but rarely use it. Recently, however, I found a web design class, normally $775, for $79. For that price, it could be awful and still worth the money.



Congratulations of learning and speaking so many languages. Well, I am Finn and I have learnt English, German and Swedish in school. Now my posts are in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. French I learnt by reading 10 books with dictionary, Spanish I learnt when working 4½ moths in Spain and Portuguese on two winter courses a couple years ago. I have forgotten German and Swedish, which means that I cannot make my posts in these two languages.

Happy and safe travels!


Hello Marie. Like you I love to learn new things. I’ve met people who come across as, “I’m older than you and have seen much of all this. There is nothing new I could possibly learn that would contribute much to my life. So, why bother?” It’s not so much the arrogance that bothers me about them. It’s more that with that mindset, they are depriving themselves of life’s u limited possibilities. But, their life is their life, right? And you and I have ours to design and implement. So, let’s celebrate our intent on being lifelong learners!


Here, here! (Or should that be Hear, hear!) Couldn’t agree more. There are so many ways to learn. It doesn’t have to be in a class or out of a book. I’m a visual learner.I think that’s why I love traveling.


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