Three in Thirds

Whistling Grain Bins

Grain Bins from the Train, rural Iowa

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Backroads America: Wind in the Corn

Pocahontas, Pocahontas County, Iowa

I took a detour from my destination to check out a couple places in Iowa. Just south of the town of Pocahontas, I saw a huge wind farm with hundreds of turbines planted in corn fields.

My destination was the 25 foot statue of Pocahontas which was erected in 1954 in Pocahontas.

The historical Pocahontas was from Virginia, not Iowa, but the town wanted to honor the figure after which it, and the county, was named.

Pocahontas is in Iowa corn country. You will find quilt squares painted on barns and garages.

The teepee behind the statue is based on a plains Indian dwelling. Pocahontas would not have lived in one.

Backroads America: Sunset Over The Fields

Sunset over a cornfield, Columbia County, New York.


Silos At Dusk

WPC: Layers

CBWC: Wheels

Old Farm Equipment

Old farm equipment, Olana farmstead, New York


CBWC: Wheels

Sunday Stills: Agriculture

Milking Time

These photos were taken by my father about 1950. My grandfather had a herd of Holsteins for many years. I remember the cows, the barn, the smells.


Grandpa and his Holsteins, circa 1950


Holsteins ready for milking, circa 1950.


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Agriculture

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