Lines Squared #19

Octagonal Lines

Gualdrada refusing to kiss Emperor Otto VI, Ceiling painting, Room of Gualdrada, painting by Vasari and Stradano, 1561-1562, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Join Becky from The Life of B for October Sqares #19. There are only two rules. The image must be square and must relate to the October theme: lines&squares.

Oh My! Look Up!

Heavens to Sophie Amalie

Ceiling Panel by Abraham Wucherts, mid-17th century,Christian IV’s Bedroom, Rosenborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark

Three ceiling paintings in “Christian IV’s Bedroom” in Rosenborg Palace depict the gods of earth, the heavens and the oceans. The center panel shows Hera, Queen of the Gods, and and her husband Zeus on Mount Olympus.  The nude figure of Hera is said to resemble Queen Sophie Amalie,  wife of Frederik III, King of Denmark-Norway. Frederick (ruled 1648-1670) and Sophie Amalie used the bedroom after his father, Christian IV, died in 1648. Tradition says that Sophie Amalie, a beautiful and power hungry queen, actually posed for the painting. The painting was added to the Baroque stucco ceiling, which was installed in the 1630’s under Christian IV, in the mid-17th century. Abraham Wuchters, a Dutch painter in the Danish court, painted the central panel.

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Fortitude and Justice

My Arm Is Tired, Can We Trade For a While?

Allegorical Statues of  Fortitude and Justice,18th Century, Via Latina, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal


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K’lee & Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Mythological

Myth and Allegory

Fountain of the Rivers, Place de la Concorde, Paris, France

The Fountain of the Rivers (Fontaine des Fleuves), is one of a pair of monumental cast iron and bronze fountains on the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Large figures supporting the fountain’s upper bowl represent the Rhône and the Rhine Rivers and Frances’ major crops in the 18th century: wheat, grapes, flowers and fruit. Construction of the fountains, created by Jacques Ignace Hittorff, was completed in 1840. Outside the frame of this photo, sculptures of Tritons or Nereids holding dolphins spraying water from their mouths decorate the fountain’s basin.

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CFFC: Looking Up

Goddess Above

Ceiling painting, ancient sculpture gallery, Denon Wing, Louvre, Paris, France

Athena/Minerva, ceiling painting, ancient sculpture gallery, Louvre, Paris, France

Ceiling painting of Athena/Minerva, the goddess of justice, wisdom, war, and the arts. In one of the ancient sculpture galleries in the Louvre, Paris, France.

CFFC: Looking Up

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