Pink It Is #8

Barcelona Palm Sunday Pink

Palm Sunday Pink, Barcelona, Spain

One of the ornaments woven from palm leaves, called Palmas or Palmones, carried on Palm Sunday in Barcelona. Crowds gather outside the cathedral to have their palm creations blessed by the priest.

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WPC: Unlikely

Who Invited The Pigeons?

Who invited the pigeons?, in front of Notre Dame, Paris, France

Pseudo-wedding trips to Paris are a big tourism industry in Asia.  For many years, Japanese wedding tourism has been hot in Hawaii. Wander around Honolulu and you will come upon couples and their stylists and photographers in every scenic spot. Paris, or other romantic European cities, have now joined the wedding tourism boom. The market now includes couples from Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesian, Japan, and Malaysia, according to this recent article in Forbes. While Forbes describes the photo shoots a pre-wedding events, in some cases, couples may have already been through a civil ceremony at home or the wedding could be months off.  Japanese couples who are already married will often have a christian church “blessing” instead of an actual wedding ceremony. According to a 2007 article in The Telegraph:  Hawaii is still the number one overseas wedding destination for Japanese, but Europe is gaining ground, with around 20,000 marriage ceremonies last year.

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Color Your World: Neon Carrot





Buddhist monk performing a blessing at the temple on Kothduwa Temple (Koth Duwa Raja Maha Viharaya) located on a small island in the Madu Ganga River/Wetlands in southwestern Sri Lanka. He has lived at the temple for over 30 years.

Jennifer’s Color Your World Challenge: Neon Carrot

Daily Prompt: Ritual – Healing Waters

Gudwara Bangla Sahib

The waters of the holy tank at the Sikh Gudwara Bangla Shaib, New Delhi, are said to have healing powers.

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