Pink It Is #27

Turkish Pink

Sunrise, Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Join BeckyB’s Square in September: In the Pink. Photos must be square, and for September, have to contain something pink. See this link for more information on how to take part in BeckyB’s quarterly square challenge..

From Dawn to Dusk

Rosy Dawn in Istanbul



The Blue Mosque with a blush of pink.

Photo101 Rehab: Available Light From Dusk to Dawn

Photo A Week: Light the Night

Sultan Ahmed Night Lights

bluemosquelightIstanbul, Turkey 278

Inner Courtyard, Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Photo A Week: Light the Night

Istanbul: Turkish Delight

Dusk at Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque

On weekends old town Istanbul teems with locals and tourists. I wandered through the Hippodrome area early Sunday evening, and it was still crowded with people enjoying the lovely spring weather. If I looked to my right, the setting sun lit up the facade of Hagia Sofia; to my left, the growing twilight threw the Blue Mosque into deepening shadows. Amazing how different the light was on each building at the same moment.

Twilight at the Blue Mosque

Twilight at the Blue Mosque

Hagia Sofia at dusk

Hagia Sofia at dusk


Early Bird

Dawn Breaks at the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

BlueMosquePredawnIstanbul, Turkey 276

The Blue Mosque just before dawn

I just returned from a photography course called “Istanbul at Dawn.” The class, taught by London-based photographer Anthony Epes, focused on shooting the various areas of the city at dawn. I highly recommend this or another of his Cities at Dawn courses. We explored both the European and Asian parts of the city during the class. I hope to do another class with Anthony in the future.

WPC: Early Bird

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