Spiky Squares #25 – Light

Spiky Light

Light fixture, 1870-1871, Basilique Notre-Dame de Beaune, Beaune, France

Join Becky’s month of Spiky Squares: Spiky #25. Two rules. Must be Spiky somehow; there is a wide range of interpretations. The photo must be square. Thanks, Becky for another inventive challenge.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Close-up


Hand railing, Bennington Battle Monument, Bennington, Vermont

Oxidized Handrailing, Bennington Battle Monument, Bennington, Vermont

Oxidation on brass handrailing on the observation level of the Bennington Battle Monument, Bennington, Vermont. The blue-grey magnesian limestone obelisk is 306 feet 4 and 1/2 inches tall and was completed and dedicated in 1891. The monument was built to commemorate the August 16, 1777 Battle of Bennington, considered the turning point in the American Revolutionary War.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Close-up

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