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Mill Pond Reflections

Mill pond, Den Gamle By, Aarhus, Denmark

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Bits and Pieces of Aarhus

I’ve been in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, for three days. It is a lovely city with many reasons to visit. I only made it to a few.

Many years ago the city filled in its canal and made it a street. They came to their senses and restored the canal.

Aarhus Cathedral was begun in 1191 but not finished until about 1500.

With the Reformation in 1563, the church was stripped of its frescoes and Catholic art.

The Lutherans went a bit overboard and reoriented the altar to the middle of the church. New pews were added in 1587. At some point the altar was moved back to the apse, so now about 1/3 of the pews face backwards.

Aarhus has a wonderful open air cultural and historical museum, Den Gamle By (The Old Town), Danish buildings from the 16th through the 20th century are open. I spent several hours exploring.

Møllestien is a lovely cobbled street with colorful 18th-century houses. The owners and tenants must get tired of the tourists.

I don’t know what this ad is for but it fascinated me.

New construction dominates the waterfront, including Dokk1, a new cultural center, exhibition space, and library.


There is so much more to see but I am headed out tomorrow. I recommend Aarhus and wish I had another day.

Travel Theme: Dark

After Dark in Arles


After Dark in Arles


Travel Theme: Dark

CFFC: Houses and Barns

Down on the Farm

Barns, Kinderhook Farm, Columbia County, NY

Barns, Kinderhook Farm, Columbia County, NY

CFFC: Houses and Barns

CFFC: All About Cities

Opposite Sides of the Street

Opposite Sides of the Street, Budapest, Hungary

Opposite Sides of the Street, Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is city of contrasts, with crumbling buildings adjacent to incredible Baroque and Art Nouveau structures. I was fascinated by how the condition of neighborhoods changed block by block. In this picture, the building on the left has a crumbling, grimy facade. Across the street, the building facade has been lovingly restored.

CFFC: All About Cities

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