Blue Squared

Porto Blue

Porto Blue, view from above.

A bit of Portugal for Becky.

Join Becki’s July Squares: Blue #9. There are only two rules. The photo must be square and it must somehow be blue (color, theme, concept, etc.)

CFFC: Columns or Vertical Lines

Columns All In A Row

In the park, Aveiro, Portugal

Pergola in late 19th century Parque Dom Pedro Infante (City Park), Aveiro, Portugal.

Join Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Columns or Vertical Lines

Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past


Crenelated walls of Avignon, France

Crenelated walls dominate the roof lines in medieval Avignon, France. View from the Pont d’Avignon.

Join Paula’s Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past Y4-03

Italica, the ruins of a Roman City in Spain

Founded in the 2nd century BC by Scipio, Italica was the first Roman settlement in Spain. It’s amphitheater, which seated 25,000, has served as a quarry for later structures, with little of its original marble surface still in place. Many of the pillars in the mosque in Cordoba came from Italica.

Venezia, Bellissima

Missing Venice

I left Venice last night and took the night train to Vienna. I arrived to grey skies, rain, and cold. What a shock to the system after six glorious days in Venice. Words cannot to justice to Venice so I won’t try. Here are a few photos that speak for themselves. I was taking a photography class that focused on early morning shooting. And Venice with no one on the streets is a wonder.

WPC: Landscape

Innsbruck at an Angle

Innsbruck from the top of Nordkette.

Innsbruck from the top of Nordkette.


The City of Innsbruck lies at the base of Nordkette in the Inn Valley in the heart of the North Tyrolean Alps.

WPC: Landscape

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