Sunday Stills: Shallow Depth of Field

Depth of Field Crow


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Shallow Depth of Field

Crow Sitting in Seattle

I am house sitting in Seattle, a city in which I lived for fifteen years. I miss many things about Seattle, but not the rain. I arrived to a one day heat wave, which gave way to rain, and more rain, for almost three days. Today the sun returned.

My house sitting duties are light, though do include feeding the pet crow. So nice to have a pet that doesn’t need cleaning up after. Crows are interesting creatures. I have watched him, at least I think it’s a him, deal with food. If I toss out a couple of grapes, he will bury one under some leaves or dirt and then fly off with the other grape. He always knows where he hid the other one when he returns. I have been told he has a nest in the area.

Curious Crow

Curious Crow


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