The tomb of Cosimo de’ Medici the Elder located in the crypt below the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence, Italy. It is built into a pillar that supports the church. Cosimo’s marble inlaid tombstone is directly above in the church floor. Four grates provide a glimpse of the burial monument below. Designed by Verrochio, 1464-1467.

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Into The Darkness

Crypt passageway, Pantheon, Paris, France

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French Saints and Heroes – The Pantheon, Paris

As many times as I’ve been to Paris, this was my first visit to the Pantheon. I was in awe at its beauty. Modeled on the Pantheon in Rome, the neo-classical building began its life as a church dedicated to St. Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris. The architect Soufflot began the Pantheon in 1755, with the ambition of competing with St. Peter’s in Rome. Construction was completed in 1790.

In 1791, it was became the National Pantheon, a place to honor for those who fought for equality and tolerance. Later, Napoleon I agreed to return the upper structure to a church as long as the lower crypt retained its national function. Its full national civic purpose was restored with Victor Hugo’s funeral in 1885.

The Nave and Transept

The walls of the nave and the transept arms are decorated with monumental painting cyles. The life of St. Genevieve is shown on the nave walls.

The transept paintings depict famous French historical/political figures such as Joan of Arc.

The Transept Dome

At the corners of the dome, frescoes by Baron Gros depict the Apotheosis of St. Geneviere. They are the oldest paintings in the Pantheon.

The Crypt

Burial honors have been granted to soldiers, resistance fighters, liberators, writers, scientists, politicians and others who exemply the republican values of justice and tolerance. Today, those interred in the Pantheon are subject to the whim of the French president.

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On the Road Again – Paris

I arrived in Paris on Monday to spend Christmas with my niece and her fiance. Chilly temps but a festive city.

Yesterday we visited Basilica Saint-Denis. What a wonderful church to visit and it is not on a lot tour list. It is the burial site for many French kings and queens. Don’t miss it the next time you visit Paris.

The Gothic Basilica was constructed in the the mid 1200s

Rose window over north transfer. Original window destroyed during French revolution when lead was used for bullets

Tumble of sarchophagi in the lower part of crypt.

Funerary monument of Louis XII and Anne of Bretagne

Catherine D’Medici and husband in background

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Their remains are in the crypt.

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The Final Door


Family Crypt, San Michele, Venice, Italy

CFFC: Doors or Entrances

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Old Bones


Capuchin Crypt, Brno, Czech Republic.

Capuchin Crypt, Brno, Czech Republic.

Naturally mummified remains of members of the Capuchin order, their patrons, and prominent Brno personalities lie in the 18th century Capuchin crypt.  The crypt is part of the Capuchin monastery and the Finding of the Holy Cross Church in Brno, Czech Republic. A deceased monk was placed in a reusable coffin with a hinged bottom. After the service, the bottom was opened and the body was placed on the ground, with a brick under the head. A combination of temperature, humidity and air circulation mummified the bodies.

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Vintage

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