Buddha in Color

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Buddha at Dambulla

The Damulla Cave Temple in Sri Lanka is a series of five cave containing depictions of Buddha. The second and largest cave, the Maharaja Viharaya (Temple of the Great Kings),  contains sixteen standing and forty seated statues of Buddha. The walls and ceiling are covered with 18th-century murals depicting the life of Buddha. Yellow and red are the predominant colors.

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Stories from Buddha’s Life, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

(revised information)

Detail from a rock temple painting at Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Detail from a wall painting at Kelaniya Temple complex.

Correction: Detail of a wall painting in the image house at Kelaniya, a major Buddhist temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Kelaniya is one of the sites visited by Buddha on one of his three trips to Sri Lanka.

I initially identified this painting as one from the Dambulla Buddhist cave temple complex, also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla, is a series of five cave temples decorated with statues and wall paintings.


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