The Aurora Dances

The Northern Lights. Near North Pole, Alaska, USA. Taken with Samsung S22 Ultra.

Salsa Cubana Smile

Grin and Try It

Learning to Salsa, Trinidad, Cuba

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Dancing Down the Aisle

Zest for Life

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Hugh’s 51 Weeks:51 Hits from the Past – Week 41

Dancing To The Music II

Hugh’s guest blogger, Steve McSteveface, challenged us this week to showcase “sing-along-and-dance-along” songs—Songs that make you want to dance around your kitchen. Cher’s “Believe” is one of my favorites. It has the perfect beat for hopping around and singing loudly. When I lived in Seattle in the late 90’s, early 2000s, I was part of a writer’s critique group that met every Saturday morning. We all worked and on Saturday’s our energy could ebb. One day, someone suggested we needed to get our blood pumping and put on “Believe.” We all danced and jumped around the living room for a number of weeks at the beginning of our meetings. I always think of that wonderful group of people and how we became a Saturday morning family.

Cher – Believe



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Street Performers, Barcelona, Spain

WPC: Pedestrian

Hugh’s 51 Weeks:51 Hits from the Past – Week 38

Dancing To The Music

Hugh’s challenge this week was to showcase songs that made us think of that “first dance.” I decided to go for some songs about dancing instead. I have to admit the last one is my favorite


1964 – Martha & the Vandella’s, Dancing in the Streets


1972 – King Harvest, Dancing in the Moonlight


2014 – Walk The Moon, Shut Up and Dance With Me, Disney Version

Hugh’s 51 Weeks:51 Hits from the Past – Week 38

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