Against The Odds: Cherry Blossoms in February

Spring Comes In Winter

Cherry Blossoms in February, Washington, DC

Cherry Blossoms in February, Washington, DC

The weather has been so warm in the Washington, DC, area that flowers have opened on a new cherry tree. This usually happens in April.

WPC: Against The Odds

Women’s March on Washington 2017

I was proud to join friends, family and 500,000 women, men and children for today’s Women’s March on Washington. It was an uplifting, peaceful and friendly march highlighting a wide-range of  social, economic and gender related themes.

Fountain Challenge #38

WWII Memorial

Fountain, WWII Memorial, Washington, DC

Fountain, WWII Memorial, Washington, DC

Fountain in the center of the WWII Memorial on the Mall in the US Capital, Washington, DC. In honor of those who served and those who perished.

Fountain Challenge #38

A Photo A Week: Cropping

Cropping for Details






A Photo A Week: Cropping

A Photo A Week: One

Hard Times

Standing in Line, Alone

Standing in Line, Alone

The head of one of a group of four male figures representing men standing in line for work during the Great Depression. The group sculpture is part the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC.

A Photo a Week: One

Old-fashioned Chic

My Wanderlust Inspiration

Just before World War II, my great-aunt Tina began working for the US government in Washington, DC. She was single and adventurous. In a short bio she wrote about herself, she says she was a vagabond with wanderlust. During her 16 years as a civil servant (1940-1956), she lived in Washington, Honolulu, Tokyo, Minneapolis, Frankfurt, Prague, Rome, and Bangkok. In 1957, she took a job with ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia and lived there for 14 years. While living in Dhahran, she married another American. Because married women weren’t allowed to work, they hid the marriage for two years before returning to the US in 1973. I didn’t know my great-aunt very well, but her life fascinated me.

Great-aunt Tina looking chic in Washington, DC, late 1040s.

Great-aunt Tina looking chic in Washington, DC


Tina lived in Washington, DC, from 1940-1944. I assume these pictures were taken during that period.

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