Black and White in Color

Heavenly Geometry

Dome over future tomb of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Roskilde Cathedral, Denmark

The dome over the side chapel which holds the future tomb of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in Roskilde Cathedral, Denmark. Roskilde Cathedral is the site of the Denmark’s royal burials. Domes have long been associated with burials and tombs. They are said to be a reflection of the heavens and the cosmos.

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Capitol Circles

Interior, Dome, US Capitol, Washington, DC

The current dome on the US Capitol in Washington, DC, is the second dome to grace the structure. Designed by Thomas U. Walter, the dome was influenced by classical European domes; it replaced a wooded dome completed by Charles Bulfinch in 1824. Built between 1854 and 1865, the new dome was made of fireproof cast iron painted to look like stone.   Constantino Brumidi painted a fresco, The Apotheosis of Washington, on a platform above the interior dome’s oculus.

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A Photo A Week: A Study in Light

Sky Lights

Dome, Basilica da Estrela, Lisbon, Portugal


The Estrela Basilica (Basílica da Estrela) or the Convent of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, sits on one of Lisbon’s seven hills.  Queen Maria I of Portugal ordered construction of the church to fulfilled a promise after giving birth to a healthy son (José, Prince of Brazil). Unfortunately, Jose died of smallpox before construction was completed in 1790. Surfaces are covered with green, pink and yellow marble.

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Travel Theme: Abroad

Moorish Magic

Sunlight filtering through the dome above the mihrab, Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain

Sunlight filtering through the center dome above the maqsura (royal enclosure) in the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain. The screened off maqsura is an elongated space in front of the mihrab, the mosque’s prayer room. The elaborately decorated walls and domes of the maqsura were part of the 962–966 CE mosque expansion by al-Hakam II,  the second Caliph of Córdoba. He ruled al-Andalus from 961-976 CE. During his reign, Cordoba flourished as an international center for the arts and science. Hakam amassed a library containing over 400,000 volumes.

Hakam is said to have imported Byzantine artisans  to complete the gilded mosaics.

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A Dome With A View

Atop the dome of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Budapest, Hungary

Looking at one of the cathedral’s towers from the dome of St. Stephen’s in Budapest, Hungary.  The parliament building is in the background.

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Travel Challenge: Pastel

Pastel Dome

Dome Detail, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, Hungary

Dome Detail, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, Hungary

Detail of the dome in the central gallery of the Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum) in Budapest. It is the largest museum in Hungary. The neoclassical building was built between 1837 and 1847.

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