Blue Squared #10 and Color Your World: Blue

Maasai Blue


Maasai woman in Kenya. She was a guest at the village we visited. Her vivid blue cloth was lovely. Many of the women in the village we visited all seemed to be wearing shades of blue or purple. The men tended to be wearing oranges and reds. I was surprised at how many of the beads worn were bright white, so different from the ones for sale to tourists.

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Birds of a Feather

Crowned Cranes

We saw many grey crowned cranes in Kenya and Tanzania. They are native to East Africa and southern Africa. We spotted these in the Ngorongoro Crater.


Closed For Business

Abandoned storefront, Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania

Mto wa Mbu is a village of about 18,000 residents in Tanzania. It is a diverse town, with people from 120 different tribes living and working there. This building was on a backstreet we walked on during our tour of part of the village. The design is typical of  many storefronts we saw while driving through both urban and rural areas of Kenya and Tanzania.

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On the Road Again: East Africa

My Family Tree

I am in Nairobi today. Tomorrow I leave on a safari in Kenya and Tanzania. Then off to 5 days in Zanzibar.

Meet Homo Erectus, this one better known as Turkana Boy, a long lost relative I met today. When I visited the Nairobi National Museum, I didn’t expect to take my family tree back 1.6 million years. We took a family photo.

The museum has a small but excellent collection of hominin bones. Turkana Boy was found at Lake Turkana, which we will be visiting. He is only one of two nearly complete hominin skeletons found to date.

Update: sad to discover Lake Turkana isn’t on the itinerary.

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