Sweet European Indulgences

Desserts To Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

While traveling alone in Europe, I’ve often found some restaurants aren’t thrilled with single diners, expecting the customer to order just one dish and a glass of wine. I have had a couple of unpleasant experiences and have actually  been refused a table in Siena and Florence, Italy. Though I haven’t encountered this problem so much in recent years, I do try to order a full meal at dinner, including a dessert. Considering some of the desserts I’ve had, this isn’t really a chore. A collection of some of my sweet indulgences the last few years.

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Tea Time for Tortuga

A Tortoise Comes To TeaA Tortoise Comes To Tea

About 20 years ago a very small desert tortoise wandered into my sister’s backyard in California. He stayed and has become a member of the family. He eats well, wanders the yard when not hibernating, and scratches on the patio door when he wants to come in. Who knew turtles had tongues.

Travel theme: Off-Centre

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