First Friday in Fairbanks

The Common Thread

On the first Friday of the month, galleries, businesses, and community organizations in Fairbanks host art-based open houses. This week, my sister participated in an event at Thread, an early child care and education resource referral program serving Interior and Northern Alaska.

The open house featured several artists and provided materials for kids to make art at each station. It was a beautiful evening to inspire your inner artist.

My sister Ruth, of Ruth’s Rocks, helped kids paint their own rocks using acrylic markers.

Kids could design their own birch medallions.

Sheets of birch bark served as community canvases, with anyone, even the youngest guests, adding a touch of their own style.

Water color was also demonstrated.

Thread has a wonderful nature trail for kids and other activites to stimulate creativity.

Guests were entertained by a local duo.

Art is for everyone. Let your inner art free and discover your medium. Thanks, Thread for a fun evening.

Irony #2: Kindergarten show canceled so kids can keep studying

Sometimes life is so ridiculous that it deserves a comment. What is education in this country coming to? How does stifling creativity and cooperation prepare kindergarteners for college and careers? Should children be drones who can recite facts and figures but who don’t know how to dream or create or have fun? It makes me sad.

This column was in today’s Washington Post.

Kindergarten show canceled so kids can keep studying to become ‘college and career ready.’ Really.


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