The Jack the Giant Killer Tree

In The Eye of the Beholder


Time Squared: #9

Once Upon A Time, Long Long Ago, there lived a princess in a beautiful castle . . .

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Join Becky’s 30 day December Square Challenge. It’s simple. Photos must be square and must be related to time, literally or figuratively. Day 9

Backroads America: Saint Urho, Menahga, Minnesota

Some mythical saints became part of our religious vocabulary over the centuries, like Saint George the dragon slayer. Others, like Saint Urho, are complete fabrications that sprang fully formed as a joke from the minds of two Finns in the 1950s.

Supposedly the patron saint of Finnish vineyard workers, Saint Urho drove the grasshoppers from Finland. Several small towns in Minnesota celebrate Saint Urho Day on March 16. I think they have been grasshopper free for years. 😀

Many Finnish immigrants to the United States settled in Minnesota and worked in the mining and timber industries.

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