A side of mutton

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Down on the Farm

Grandpa and his Holsteins

My father grew up on a farm in Northwest Minnesota, near a small town called Foxhome. My grandfather was a grain and dairy farmer and had a herd of holsteins. Grandpa was a tall, handsome man of few words, and he worked hard every day. Life was not easy when you had a house full of  kids and cows that needed milking. He appears to have been hosting a meeting of local dairy farmers. When I was young, I loved to go visit the farm and the cows. Grandpa sold off the herd in late-1960s. My dad took these photos about 1948/1950 when he was home for a college break. He used a camera he had purchased while in the army after World War II.

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Word of the Day: Amble

Doing the Poultry Amble

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One Word Photo Challenge: Llama


Llama, Columbia County, New York

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CB&WC: All Things Farm Related

Down on the Farm, In Color

Barn, Olana, New York

The same photo from the previous challenge, Lines and Angles, in color

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CB&WC: Lines and Angles

Down on the Farm

Barn, Olana, (home of American painter Fredric Church), New York

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