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Münchner Bauernmarkt

Farmers Market, Munich, Germany

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Backroads America: Tanana Valley Farmers Market

Alaskan Made or Grown

The Tanana Valley Farmers Market in Fairbanks, Alaska, is the only market in Alaska that requires all products sold be made, grown, or have value added in Alaska.

There are indoor and outdoor vendors selling art, crafts, produce, food products, clothing, jewelry, and other products.

A variety of ethnic food booths are doing business at the market. But don’t look for a Coke or Pepsi. They aren’t made in Alaska.

One of my sisters is a vendor. Her business, Ruth’s Rocks, sells painted rocks and glassware.

If you visit the Fairbanks area in the summer, look for the market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Say hello to my sister. Buy Alaskan.

Mundane Monday #119


Blueberries, Columbia County, New York

Blueberries are native to North American.  Peak berry production varies from May to August, depending upon local conditions such as altitude and latitude.

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Mundane Monday #86




Fresh cranberries for sale in Salzburg, Austria farmers market.


Mundane Monday #86

Color Your World: Orange By Any Other Name

A Multitude of Oranges

A Multitude of Orange

A Multitude of Orange

So many different shades of orange in one photo. A good share of Mango Tango, some real Orange, a bit of Red Orange, and a dash of Sunset Orange to round things off. A variety of squash in a farmer’s market in Salzburg, Austria, in the fall.

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Color Your World: Granny Smith

Cabbage Before the Slaw

Filder-Spitzkraut or Arrowhead Cabbage, Farmers Market, Salzberg, Austria

Filder-Spitzkraut or Arrowhead Cabbage, Farmers Market, Salzberg, Austria

Filder-Spitzkraut (Spitzkohl)  or Arrowhead Cabbage, for sale in a farmer’s market in Salzburg, Austria, last October.  A sweet, mild cabbage, it is used to make sauerkraut and slaws. It is a variety of German cone-head cabbage, an ancient variety native to Filder, Germany and is the favorite of German gardeners.

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