The Red Fox

In the Eye of the Beholder

Wordless Wednesday

On the Fence: Koi Pond

The Eye of the Beholder

On the Fence: The Gas Mask

The Eye of the Beholder

On the Fence: Miniature Garden

The Eye of the Beholder

Seeing the Crop

The Eye of the Beholder

Over the past few months I have been staying with one of my sisters in southern California. Since mid-March, we have been under state and county stay-at-home orders. My universe has been limited to the local neighborhood for photography. On a whim, I decided to explore details in tree bark and fence slats. I was surprised by what I found when I decided to see. Most of my recent posts have featured subjects I found in the trees and fences. The final images focus on a smaller section of the original shot, sometimes just a tiny detail. A comparison of the original and the final images demonstrate the power of cropping.

On the Fence: Behind the Curtain

The Man in the Renaissance Hat Tree

The Elephant Tree

Join Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #96: Cropping the Shot

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