Florence Night Lights

Round and Round

Bungo, Bungo

Bungo, or Rope Vine, Fruit, Market, Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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I Learned a New Word Today


I was schooled today by friends at Kinderhook Farm in Columbia County, New York on the definition of the word “locavore.” Apparently I am behind the times when it comes to the food scene.

A locavore is a person who’s diet consists mainly of locally grown and/or produced food, including meat, vegetables, and fruit.

Celebrity Chef Eddie G, who was visiting Kinderhook Farm, prepared a wonderful meal from local ingredients. He is currently developing a series focusing on the local food movement.

The grass fed beef, with a tangy mustard sauce, was from Kinderhook Farm, which also sells eggs, lamb, pork, and chickens at its farm store. The salad greens were locally grown.

Desert included apple cider doughnuts from Golden Harvest Farm in Valatie, New York.

Paired with great company, including one of my sisters and a millennial niece, the meal was delicious and a true endorsement to eating locally grown foods.

Backroads America: The Royal Bar, Park Rapids, Minnesota

The best hamburgers in northern Minnesota.

Once the first movie theater in Park Rapids, The Royal Bar serves a mean hamburger. The old movie theater sign is inside.

Great staff and service.

Park Rapids is famous for its parking down the middle of the street.

CFFC: Nighttime Photography

Aix-en-Provence After Dark

Crepes Vendor, Aix-en-Provence, France



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Mundane Monday #101

Cuban Street Pizza

Cuban Pizza, Havana, Cuba

Cuban pizza is just the basics. A single size round base with lots of tomato sauce and cheese plunked on a thin piece of paper. They are served straight out of the oven and are scaldingly hot. Walk the neighborhood streets of Havana and you will come across many walkup windows selling pizzas and beverages. We found this one after dark near the capitol building in Havana. It hit the spot for a late night snack.

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