Pick A Duck

Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me . . .

Pick Your Lucky Duck, Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Holiday Music I Love # 5

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel


I am a bit short in holiday spirit this year. Glum about the United States, the world, the environment . . .  I could go on. So, to help my mood I am going to post some of my favorite Christmas and Holiday songs. They won’t be in any special order, just ones I have played and replayed over the years. Some of them might be religious, even though I’m not. But the spirit of giving, celebrating, sharing, and caring (that is Christmas to me) is in all of us, regardless of our faith or lack thereof.  A modern take on a old spinning top.


Color Your World: Black

Black and White in Color

Black King to White Pawn (If that is possible.)

Black King to White Pawn (If that is possible.) 

Chess pieces in the Kapitelplatz next to the Salzburger Dom (cathedral), Salzburg, Austria.

Jennifer’s Color Your World Challenge: Black


Lottery Trio

Winning Smiles, hopefully!

Winning Smiles, hopefully!

Hopeful lottery players near Negombo, Sri Lanka.

WPC: Trio

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