Square Tops #15: Rooftop Topper

Gaudi on Top

Rooftop Sculpture Detail, La Pedrera (Casa Mila), Barcelona, Spain, architect Antonio Gaudi, 1906-1912

Join Becky’s April Squares: SquareTops. There are only two rules: the photo must be square and it must relate to the theme of the month.

The theme for April Squares is ‘top‘, and Becky has listed five idioms to choose from;

  1. On Top of the World – summit, crown, peak (tiptop) or uppermost part of something.
  2. Under the Big Top – topping or covering (or if you are really lucky a circus!)
  3. Room at the Top – first or highest in position
  4. Cherry on Top – something made even more wonderful by becoming square
  5. Top and Tail – or maybe you’d prefer to play around with word combinations such as top dog, top stitch, top hat, top secret, top knot, top drawer or top dollar!

The main tag is #SquareTops but you may also want to add a second tag using the idiom your square is coming under.

Marvelous Architecture

Rooftop Warriors

Ventilation Shafts, Casa Milà ( La Pedrera), Antonio Gaudi, 1906-1912, Barcelona, Spain

Join K’lee & Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Architectural Marvels

Color Your World 2018: 120 Days of Crayola – Aquamarine


Stained Glass Window, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain


Join Jennifer’s Color Your World 2018: 120 Days of Crayola, a 4 month (January 1, 2018 to April 30, 2018) blogging challenge event. Each day has a new color theme based on a past or current crayon color in Crayola’s box of 120 crayons.

Danger: They Have Arrived

Take Us to Your Leader

Take Us To Your Leader, Figures on Roof Terrace of Gaudi’s La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain


WPC: Danger


CFFC: Autumn-Metal

Gaudi Railing

Railing detail, Gaudi’s La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain

Detail from a section of railing detail at Antoni Gaudi’s La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain.

CFFC: Autumn-Metal

Curves and Colors in La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

What an amazing place. Antoni Gaudi was a man ahead of his times. La Sagrada Familia blends nature, the litergy, and classical elements in a eye popping church that celebrates the life and death of Jesus and the Catholic view of the Trinity. Begun in 1883, the church is scheduled to be complete in 2026, thanks to the dedication of the people of Barcelona and Catalonia.

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