Time Squared: #14

Feeding Time

Feeding Time, Den Gamle By, Aarhus, Denmark

Join Becky’s 30 day December Square Challenge. It’s simple. Photos must be square and must be related to time, literally or figuratively. Day 14

CFFC: Must Have the Letter G


Young Geese (Goslings)

CFFC: Must Have the Letter G

Goose with a Mullet

Finally, on my 4th visit to the Cathedral in Barcelona, I achieved my goal. I saw the geese in the cloister. Geese have lived in the Gothic cloister for over 500 years. Not these of course. 😀

CFFC: Duck Duck Goose

Free Range Geese

Geese, Kinderhook Farm, Columbia County, NY

Geese, Kinderhook Farm, Columbia County, NY

CFFC: Duck Duck Goose

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