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Circle of Life

Mother Cheetah and cub, Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

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Old and New in the Animal Kingdom

Circle of Life, Hippo Style

Mother and baby hippo,Talek River, Masi Mara, Kenya

Mother hippo and calf resting on the banks of the Talek River in the Masi Mara National Reserve, Kenya. We stayed at Fig Tree Camp on the opposite bank of the Talek. This was the sight that greeted us when we arrived.

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Overshadowed by the Past

Giza, Egypt

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Travel Theme: Eyes


Generations, Trinidad, Cuba

Generations, Trinidad, Cuba

When I was in Cuba recently, I often saw fathers and grandfathers spending time with small children. Whether walking to them to school or sitting with them on the front stoop, the mutual affection was heart warming. I took this shot in Trinidad, Cuba.  A number of guide books recommended taking small items such as pencils or shampoo to handout to Cubans, but that seemed patronizing. Instead, I brought along a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera and took instant photos of people that appealed to me—kids and adults. People were always surprised when the photo paper popped out of the top of the instant camera. Kid were especially excited and would crowd around posing for me. Giving someone a photo created a wonderful visual way to communicate. Sometimes, but not always, I then asked if I could take a picture with my DSLR.  I took an instant photo of this gentleman with his small grandson and then another when the older child came to see what was happening. The two still-developing photos are in the grandfather’s hand.  I had 60 sheets of instant film with me and wished that I had taken more. I ended up rationing the film, 10 or so shots per day.

Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Eyes


Mitochondrial DNA

Four Generations

Four Generations

This photo was taken by my father in the spring of 1953, when my older brother was a baby. From left to right: my beautiful mother, her grandmother holding my brother, and my grandmother. My great-grandmother passed away within a few months of this picture.


Traces of the Past: Ancestors

Deep Roots In The Family Tree

My maternal great, great, great grandparents John McGannon (b. 1793, d. 1875) and Mary Polly Carney McGannon (b. 1807, d. 1894).  The McGannon and Carney families arrived in what was to become the United States in the in the 1700’s. John’s father, Darby McGannon, was born in Belfast in 1756. Darby served in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War. Darby’s mother, Mary Maltby, may have been born in North Carolina in 1730. She died in Culpepper, Virginia in 1759.Polly Carney’s mother, Sallie Cogswell was born in Culpepper, Virginia, in 1769.  The McGannon family migrated from Virginia, to Kentucky, to Indiana, and finally to Minnesota.

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